PVGrows Investment Fund

The PVGrows Investment Fund, Inc. (PVGIF) provides financing and technical assistance to local farm and food businesses through community investments. PVGIF offers an investment vehicle for individuals, institutions and foundations to invest in building a healthier food system. Together, we will all work to strengthen and grow the local food economy – more vibrant farm and food businesses, more local jobs, and more access to healthy food in the Pioneer Valley.

We visit Ricky and Deb at their educational farm in Orange, MA, Seeds of Solidarity. Learn more about why Ricky and Deb invest in their community through the PVGrows Investment Fund.
Tour Real Pickles’ incredible pickle-filled cooperative in Greenfield, MA. Addie speaks about how PVGrows Investment Fund and the Franklin County Community Development Corporation have supported Real Pickles throughout their growth!
PVGrows Investment Fund Invester Micky sat down with us to chat about why she became an investor. Interested in becoming a PVGrows Investor? Learn more!
We explore Sutter Meats Butcher Shop in Northampton, MA. Terry explains how community investment has helped his business bring back the local butcher.
Visit to Bardwell farm where we chatted with Harrison Bardwell about community investments, and what PVGrows has done for him!
Mycoterra’s innovative mushroom farm lies in the heart of the Pioneer Valley. Julia takes us on a tour and speaks about why and how PVGrows Investment Fund has supported her work!
  • Want to know more about the wonderful farms and local food borrowers that have received financing from PVGIF? Click here for a list of borrower profiles.
  • Interested in investing in PVGIF? Take a look at the PVGrows Investment Fund Offering Memorandum here.
  • Ready to submit a Pre-Application Form to be considered for financing and technical assistance? Click here for the Pre-Application Form.

Feel free to reach out with any questions to Hannah Sobel, Program Manager, at (413) 774-7204 ext. 112.