Client Focus: Fat Moon Farms

A mushrooming business, in more ways than one

Mushrooms are just the coolest. Neither animal nor plant, they have their own taxonomical kingdom: Fungi. Most importantly, they taste amazing, absorbing whatever sauce you cook them in and returning it with an umami that packs a punch! We’re not the only ones swooning over mushrooms. We reached out to Fat Moon Farm’s Elizabeth Almeida to learn more about the delicious fruit of the mycelium.

Tell us about your business and products.
Fat Moon grows organic, gourmet mushrooms for chefs, independent retailers, and CSAs. 

What makes you excited about Fat Moon Mushrooms?
I love my business because it combines biological and mechanical sciences and relationships with chefs and farmers. The days are varied, including troubleshooting our room conditioning, attending sales events with chefs from Boston’s finest restaurants, and working with a fabulous crew of fungi fanatics. 

How can people find your products?
For the fungi enthusiast, we sell grow kits on our website. Restaurants can order our mushrooms through Costa and Boston Food Hub. Home cooks can find us at nearly every farm stand in the Greater Boston area. 

What are you looking forward to in the coming months/years?
We are on a mission to grow more mushrooms! We are on track to double production in 2024 and we are connecting with new, large outlets and expanding our geographical reach. We are also growing more challenging mushrooms, such as maitake. 

How has the Franklin County CDC and its Massachusetts Agriculture Innovation Center helped your venture?
The Franklin County CDC and Mass Ag Innovation Center have provided critical knowledge on scaling a business. As with most entrepreneurs, I began with a passion for my product and then learned that I needed to become an expert in finance, HR, sales, marketing, logistics, and so much more. Through the programs at the Franklin County CDC and Mass Ag Innovation Center, I’ve gained skills that are necessary to grow the business. 

Where did the name Fat Moon Mushrooms come from?
My son (he was 2 at the time!) and husband used to call the full moon the fat moon. 

Aww! Thanks, Elizabeth! We’re excited to see how your business mushrooms to the next level!