What Drives Us

Our Mission

Our purpose is to stimulate a more vital rural economy, to maximize community control over our future economic destiny, and to expand opportunities for low- and moderate-income residents.

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Who We Are

Located in Greenfield, Massachusetts, and serving western and central Massachusetts, the Franklin County Community Development Corporation (FCCDC) is an economic development nonprofit providing business development education, access to capital, and commercial office and manufacturing space.

The FCCDC was formed in 1979 to maximize community control over our economic destiny. At that time, a number of manufacturing companies in the area were closing and moving elsewhere. The FCCDC has changed over the years as the needs of the community have changed, but our programs and activities are still geared toward stimulating a robust economy in every sector that includes every resident. 

We are home to the Western Massachusetts Food Processing Center and administer the PVGrows Investment Fund, the Massachusetts Food Trust Program for the western part of the state, and the Massachusetts Agriculture Innovation Center.

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What We Do

The FCCDC helps small-business owners and entrepreneurs with business planning, lending, and commercial space. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs who live or work in western Massachusetts and the North Quabbin to minimize their risks by connecting them to resources and information to maximize their success.

The Western Massachusetts Food Processing Center helps guide specialty food entrepreneurs from throughout the New England region along the path to launch and manufacture food products. We help farmers and food entrepreneurs add value to their crops through the Massachusetts Agriculture Innovation Center. We give community members an opportunity to invest in our food system (and give farmers and food businesses access to financing) through the PVGrows Investment Fund. And we provide grants and flexible loans to food retail entrepreneurs who bring local healthy food to low-income and low-grocery areas through the Massachusetts Food Trust Program

Our commercial properties provide a space for new entrepreneurs. Since 1989, the Venture Center has been incubating and growing businesses by offering commercial space. Today eight businesses rent here, with one anchor tenant.

The team here consists of experienced staff, industry expert consultants, and dedicated volunteers. The FCCDC is funded by program fees (rental income, loan payments, and tuition), state and federal grants, and private contributors (donate here).

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The FCCDC Can:

*Assist with business planning for pre-venture and existing business owners;

*Connect business owners with information and referrals;

*Provide financial support for working capital, new equipment, and general business needs;

*Provide commercial space for office or light manufacturing businesses;

*Arrange for commercial kitchen space for value-added food production.


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