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Client Focus: Al-Nassir International Market

A store’s expansion creates new openings for internationally inspired local food At independent grocery store Al-Nassir International Market in West Springfield, you can find imported goods, homemade prepared food, home products, and—after working with the Franklin County CDC—halal meats. Halal food is food that adheres to Islamic law, as defined in the Koran. A stroll through the aisles provides shoppers with specialty and hard-to-find options ranging from shelf-stable date syrup and rose water to refrigerated items such as the thick yogurt-cheese, labneh. Freshly baked Turkish bread was coming out of the oven on the day we visited, and bags of
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Client Focus: Valley Malt and Ground Up

This could be local malt’s moment. Craft brewers have always had a choice to make: Pay less for European malt or a bit more for domestic. However, increased costs for European malt—and for shipping it overseas—have Valley Malt co-founder Andrea Stanley and other domestic maltsters hoping for a tipping of the scale toward local product, and the sustainable impact this makes across its supply chain. Even as her costs rise, Stanley wants to be ready for any opportunities a changing market brings.  Malting is the process of germinating and then drying grain with hot air. When Valley Malt opened in
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