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Brands We ❤️: Round Table Farm

Marlo Stein and Archer Meier started Round Table Farm in 2021 as the new stewards of the historic Robinson Farm in Hardwick, Massachusetts. Both proud queer and Jewish farmers who are passionate about building community, crafting beautiful products, and working in tandem with the land, they make small-batch, raw milk, aged cheeses that defy labels. Read on to learn more about Round Table Farm.    What brought you to this business? We have both been farming for many years and knew that at one point we wanted to run a creamery. Cheesemaking appealed to us because it was a venture
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Client Focus: Our Family Farms

An Anchor Dairy Moooves Forward It’s been a long time coming and Our Family Farms’ new bottling plant is now churning out milk in pretty new containers. At a recent grand opening at the Leyden-based Bree-Z-Knoll Farm, Angie Facey welcomed guests, including Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources Commissioner Ashley Randle, who pronounced June Dairy Month.   The $1.8 million, 4,500 square foot operation includes a creamery where the farm’s 120 happy cows step onto an automated milking station whenever they feel like it. The robots take it from there, collecting their fresh milk. The bottling plant fills quarts and pints
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Recovery-Friendly Workplaces: Removing Stigma

In this tight labor market, many employers are finding it hard to find workers. A recent event offered some solutions that might not be top of mind: expanding employment offerings for people in recovery, people who are formerly incarcerated, and people who are neurodivergent.   Convened at Greenfield Community College by the Opioid Task Force, the gathering—Building Recovery-Friendly Workplaces in Franklin County and the North Quabbin Region—brought together experts in the field for a discussion on how to remove stigma about addiction and contact with the justice system, and provided resources for employers.   Mickey Wiles, CEO and Founder of
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