Pre-Business Planning

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Are You Ready? l FAQ l Risk Management Checklist l Why Businesses Fail l Planning Questions l Business Owner Job Description l Form An Advisory Team l Test Your Business Idea l Personal Financial Assessment

Are You Ready?

Thinking about starting a business? Click here for some considerations to think about before investing time, energy, and money into your dream.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for answers to common questions about starting a business.

Risk Management Checklist

Risks and rewards of business ownership can be varied — know what they are. Click here for a checklist.

Why Businesses Fail

These tips will help you avoid common business pitfalls.

Planning Questions

This downloadable PDF will guide you through the business planning process.

Develop your new job description … Business Owner!

There are many roles and responsibilities where you will have a range of expertise and need to learn new skills and find consultants. Click here for things to consider.

Form an Advisory Team

Surrounding yourself with critical thinkers who will help evaluate your strategies can be key to your success. Advisory members range from lawyers, accountants, experienced or retired entrepreneurs to industry experts, bankers and community members.

Test your business idea before you start

Interview other business owners and learn about business ownership, major obstacles, tips and resources available.

Personal Financial Assessment

Determine your credit rating and ability to borrow. Filling out a personal balance sheet at the beginning will give you time to correct problems and understand your borrowing ability when you need it.