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Job Description of Business Owner

As a business owner you will need to fill many different roles.You may have expertise in some areas, but in other areas you will have to learn new skills and find consultants.

Description of
Administrative Support/Receptionist Answering phones; filing paperwork; buying office supplies; handling shipping; answering customer requests; other duties as requested.
Marketing Manager
Researching similar businesses to determine your competitive advantages; writing ads; joining business groups; networking with anyone and everyone who could be a possiblecustomer.
Bill Collector Communicating with customers who don't pay their bills; making repeat calls; sending invoices; possibly taking someone to court.
Maintaining all records, managing accounts; preparing tax forms; understanding financialstatements.
Business Planner Drafting and making changes to your business plan depending on your financial, personal, andretirement goals; planning for expected and unexpected costs.
Lawyer Understanding the laws related to your business; complying with federal and statelaws for employees; knowing the penalties for violations.
Manager/Boss Being responsible for managing all the people in your business; taking care oftime off, sick days, insurance forms, complaints, taxes, and more.
Tax Collector Collecting and paying sales tax from customers, payroll taxes from employees,and your own income tax.
Technical Support Must be able to repair own equipment and solve technical problems.Decide when to hire a repair person or purchase new equipment.
Health insurance, retirement, time off
Salary Depends on your business

Does your resume match this job description? List your strengths and identify the challenges.

As a business owner, you may fill all of these roles:

  • President
  • Financial Manager

— Finance
— Acounting

  • Marketing Manager

— Promotion
— Public Relations

  • Sales Manager

— Direct Sales

  • Operations Manager

— Assembly
— Logistics
— Quality Control

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