Pre-Business Planning

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I learn about turning my cool idea into a business?

  • Read business-planning books and magazines
  • Enroll in a business planning class (offered fall and spring at the FCCDC)
  • Meet with a business counselor (FCCDC, SBDC, SCORE)
  • Talk with other business owners.

When is the right time to go into business?

  • When you have other means of support for a few years while building your business
  • You have support from family and friends
  • You have carefully evaluated the business idea
  • You are in good health

How can I obtain financing for my business?

  • Develop a business plan
  • Share the plan with commercial bankers, alternative lenders, family and friends to find the best arrangement.

What can I do to market my business if I have a limited budget?

  • Evaluate your target market and competition
  • Develop a marketing plan with goals and objectives
  • Read about low-cost marketing
  • Build collaborations with other business owners who share the same target market
  • Measure results

Who is available to talk about small business issues?

  • Franklin County Community Development Corporation (FCCDC)
  • Massachusetts Small Business Development Center Network (SBDC)
  • Service Core of Retired Executives (SCORE
  • Industry Specific Professionals
  • Business Associations

    — Franklin County Chamber of Commerce
    — North Quabbin Chamber of Commerce
    — Greenfield Business Association
    — Shelburne Falls Area Business Association
    — Orange Business Association

  • Greenfield Community College
  • Universities

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